Just your average girl with her head in the stars.

Elise grew up in sunny Los Angeles where she spent summers in her bedroom reading Madeline L’Engle books until the wee hours of the morning. Her rebellious teen years were filled with frightening tales from Stephen King and Clive Barker, but eventually she found a love for paranormal romance.

Though she would have preferred to live with her head in a book and her mind in the stars, “adulting” is apparently an essential survival skill. Elise spent nearly twenty years working in the entertainment industry and loved every minute of it. But after decades of reading and watching other people’s imaginations come to life, she eventually decided it was time to take a risk and breathe life into a creation of her own.


Elise currently lives in snowy Western New York with her four cats (yes, she is that crazy cat lady who reads romance). When she isn’t writing, she indulges in her two loves: paranormal romance and science fiction. She enjoys swimming, photography, reading, music, and singing off-key.