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(Assassins of the Underworld, Book One)

A silent siren trained to kill. A shifter who is the last of his kind.
Two enemies working together on the job of a lifetime.
What could possibly go wrong?


She’s a siren without a voice, the legendary “Silent Assassin” and phantom of the Underworld, a place where the civilized dare not go and the assassin leagues are pillars of the community. Indira isn’t looking for fame or power. She wants nothing more than to be left alone to do her job in peace, until an ancient meddling witch offers her an opportunity that could change the course of her life forever.

There’s just one problem: her partner for the job is an arrogant, thieving, slave-trader…who also happens to be the pirate she recently abandoned on a desert planet.


Zeus is the last of his kind on a mission to find his mate among the descendants of his ancestors, who went into hiding millennia ago. His hunt has taken him from end to end of the explored galaxy, and it hasn’t been cheap. When he is lured into a job promising a treasure large enough to fund his hunt for centuries, he eagerly accepts.

He soon discovers his partner will be the vexing siren who drugged him unconscious and dropped him in the middle of a blasted desert, and Zeus is determined to pry her out of her silent shell, if it’s the last thing they both do. But is he prepared for the woman he finds when she emerges?


Join Indira and Zeus on an epic adventure, filled with sexy shifters, amusing android sidekicks, a religious abbey of junk dealers, a death-defying escape from a crumbling ice moon, and so much more.

Released March 30, 2020

eBook & Paperback